Evaluation of International Credentials for the Purpose of Employment in Canada

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If your education or professional credentials were obtained outside Canada, they may not be equivalent to Canadian credentials. To work in Canada, you will need to have your credentials assessed to see whether they meet Canadian standards or whether you need more training or education.

Evaluation of International Credentials is the process of verifying that the education and training you obtained in another country is equivalent to the standards established for Canadian workers.

ICS has established a durable business relationship with credential assessment agencies across Canada. We have the world’s largest database of institutions, course content and degrees so our evaluation can help you undertake your job search with more confidence and get a job faster. Our evaluations compare your credentials from any country in the world to Canada, whether it is a certificate, diploma or degree.


Our credential evaluation can give you an advantage over other internationally trained job applicants. It will demonstrate how your education compares in Canada and shows your commitment to backing up your application with the facts. You will know that employers are receiving an accurate and reliable assessment of your educational qualifications.

We are confident of the accuracy of all our credential evaluations so you can go into your interview with confidence.

International Credentials Evaluation Process

How it works:

We have created a quick and simple online evaluation that allows you to enter the post-secondary degree(s), certificate(s) or diploma(s) that you have earned and obtained a Canadian equivalency for them.

How to proceed with evaluation:

# 1. Fill out and submit the evaluation preview form
# 2. Submit your payment
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# 3.Our international credentials evaluation specialist will answer you by e-mail

CAD $39 for the International Degrees, Diplomas or Certificates Preview (up to two credentials)

The purpose of international educational credential preview (IECP) is for your personal information and preliminary evaluation of your chances of getting a job in Canada, to study or to immigrate.

Note: If you order our official Comparative Evaluation within 7 days, ICS will issue a credit, which will reduce the evaluation fee by CAD $39

Since it is not based on actual educational documents or verified information, it may not be used for any official purpose or as proof that you have attended an institution or earned a degree, diploma or certificate.

Take the international education preview test to see how your grades compare!

Why do you also need an Official Comparative EvaluationAny equivalency obtained through this evaluation preview is not official and is for your information only. Academic institutions, professional licensing bodies and employers will require an official evaluation report. To prepare an official evaluation report ICS requires that you submit your actual transcripts and degree certificates. To apply for an official evaluation, proceed with Comparative Evaluation For Studies


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