Immigration to Canada from Cameroon

Today there are many people who are living in Cameroon and wish to immigrate to Canada for their residential purpose. There are some other people in Cameroon who want either to work at Canada or just visit the country.

You must know about various job opportunities for the people of Cameroon who want to apply for the jobs in Canada. However if a business person wants to immigrate, there is a business person immigration program.

Through the Business Immigration Program, you can be qualified as a permanent residence status in Canada. For business person however, there is a need of someone who is self–employment experienced person. This program is designed for the newcomers from Cameroon who are financial resources to invest in Canada. Also the business people who will built their own and will operate their business that can contribute to Canada’s economic properties and can create jobs for Canadians.


There are 3 categories for the immigration to Canada, and they need different experience and financial requirements for each category.

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self–employed people

There are several benefits for which the business persons are immigrating to Canada.

  • They provide universal health care so the business person gets a full health facility.
  • There is also a quality in education so the person’s children gets a good educations.
  • By the benefit of the social services, they get good platform of societies.
  • They also gets a public library where they can explore their knowledge about various subjects.
  • They may even have some recreational facilities and also a beautiful parks and pools for their refreshments.
  • There is another benefit for this is that, you can get a job even if you are old.
  • Your children will have more facilities to make their future brighten.
  • You will get a cleaner environment so you will have a fresh air and you will not meet with any physical problems.

You should also check out for more advantages of doing business in Canada.

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