Immigration to Canada from South Africa

If you are living in South Africa and if you are thinking about immigrate to Canada for the life change, then it is good – change is good. The are lots of job opportunities for South African people available in Canada and it is rather huge nation, so it would be great to know exactly where you are going to live in Canada? There are many provinces available in Canada, you can select from.

Immigrants from South Africa constitute a highly diverse and quickly growing in the Canada. Canada is every time ranked as one of the best countries in the world to live for South Africans. Canada recommends job opportunities and a quality of life for newcomer from South Africa.


Why Canada?
Canada is overall a peaceful as well as safe place to stay in and the immigration procedure is not as complex as in other countries. As for easy immigration purposes there is no necessity for application to the immigration department of Canada.

Some facts about Canada:

  • It is second largest country on earth
  • Total area is nearly 10 million square kms
  • Population is about 34.6 million
  • Literacy rate is around 99%
  • Unemployment is about 7.3%
  • GDP rate is 1.8%

ob & Career Opportunity in Canada
For those applying for PR throughout the skilled worker program, a permanent full time job offer from a Canadian employer can reduce application processing times. Once you got PR, you will have the legal right to work in Canada and your dependents have the right to work and/or attend school.

This is often a quicker process for South African person who want temporary employment in Canada. Once you obtain a genuine job offer, they can apply for a temporary work permit and can improve your Candidacy for PR, you should choose to apply at a later time.

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