Immigration to Canada from Sudan

Sudan is the country situated in North of Africa, boarded by Egypt to the north, the red sea and Ethiopia to the East.

There are reasons why the people of Sudan wishes to immigrate to the Canada. First is its beauty, second its education, third is that it does provide a good platform for the people who want to Work at Canada but before going to apply for Immigration you should known about the process of immigration as well as various job opportunities for Sudan workers in Canada.


Canada has such great scenery that attracts people to visit. The education of the Canada is also at high level, and there are lots of job opportunities for the people who want to work at Canada.

Once you have settled at Canada, you will have a good society support and a group of a good friend circles. They are providing a good platform of job opportunities for the people who want to work at Canada. The Canadian federal and provincial government is constantly working on updating their programs to ensure the Canadian immigration is successful and that would be for both, the newcomers and for the people of Canada as well.

Categories of immigrants in Canada:

  • Family casts, closely related people of Canadian residents that lives in Canada
  • Economic immigrants, that includes the skilled workers and business people
  • Other people, in this, people are accepted either as immigrant humanitarian or compassionate reasons
  • Refugees, people who are escaping torture, or cruel and other usual punishments

Today Canada is known as a country that has a broad policy for immigration that is reflected in Canada’s ethnic diversity.

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