It is no longer news that the people of Mexico who wants to travel to Canada has been finding it difficult and expensive to migrate to Canada. These barrier/restrictions were enforced since the year 2009 by the previous conventional government in order to stop/control the flow of asylum claims from Mexico that greatly increased from 2005 to 2008 when the people of Mexico accounted for over twenty-five percent of all expatriate (refugee) claims filed in the country of Canada.As a result of this visa requirement, research has made it clear that $465 million was mislaid by a visitor from Mexico in spending. This has lead to more problems. Though this restriction was enforced due to the rate of migration infringement and visa rejection was more than the Canada’s accepted entry, but the good news now is that the Canadian government has decided to lift the visa requirement for the people of Mexico.

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the statement while he was with Enrique Pena Nieto, the president of Mexico after the bilateral meeting. Trudeau also said that this motion will make it simple for the Mexicans to enter Canada at the same time as enhancing both economies and strengthening both communities.

Despite the fact that the Canadian management has made it a major concern to work with the Mexican in order to restore their relationship and other benefits, the visa requirement lifting will only be effective by the end of this year from the beginning of December 1, 2016. Generally, visitors are expected to stay for 6 months in Canada or any other duration must be stated in the passport. And immediately the visa requirement is lifted an Electronic Travel Authorization will be used to travel to Canada. This Electronic Travel Authorization will be linked to the traveler’s passport and it will be valid for the period of 5 years or when the passport expires. This process can be done online and it is very simple to do.

Subject: Canada lifts Visa requirement for Mexico people