CANADIAN WORK PERMITS / work permit Canada

Persons wishing to reside temporarily in Canada and working before arrival and the start of work are required to provide a work permit Canada.


Given that the Canadian economy is very dynamic, labor requirements are constantly increasing. In some professions there is a permanent deficit of the workforce. Therefore, the state through its regulations easier than the procedure of obtaining a “work permit Canada”. However, this does not mean that the work visa can be easily obtained.

The procedure for obtaining a work permit Canada starting the initiative of the employer in Canada that provides a formal job offer validated by the Canadian Bureau of labor. Based on the complaint filed by the employer, the Bureau examines first the merits of the request and the employer’s ability to hire domestic workers (Canadian citizens and permanent residents) for the required job. These checks, resp. Market research workforce in Canada, takes a few weeks. In the event that the employer has fulfilled the requirements for hiring foreign workers will be given a certificate / confirmation / Bureau of Labor in Canada. With this certificate and other personal documents and documents proving professional experience and educational background, the foreign worker will apply for a work visa before immigration authorities of Canada.

The essence of this procedure is that in the first place provide employment to persons with a particular status in Canada, in order to protect the domestic labor market and only later to admit foreign workers.

Once the part of the procedure in Canada, and when approved job offer foreign worker process continues outside of Canada, the Canadian Embassy (immigration ward), resp. consulate, where the foreign worker applying for a work permit Canada. After submission of the application and accompanying documentation and evidence in possession of expertise and work experience for the job that will be addressed in Canada, the foreign worker will have a conversation with the immigration officer at which to determine the authenticity and durability of its demands as well as the intention of actually staying in Canada, during the importance of a work permit Canada.

After the interview and completion of a medical examination, in some cases (if you intend to work in healthcare or food and if there or visited areas that are designated by Canada as an area of high health risk) and after security checks, foreign workers will be issued a work permit Canada with appropriate limitations (prohibition of attending universities, colleges and schools).


Exceptions to the rule that gets a work permit Canada before entering Canada, are provided for: diplomats, visitors military units, church dignitaries, artists who come to the group for some concerts or other promotions, crew transport vehicles, foreign journalists who come to watch certain events, business people coming to purchase goods, inspection of goods or training salespeople who will stay up to 90 days without the right to publicly sell goods, persons coming to perform medical treatment, protection of lives and property, participants of sports competitions, speakers at ceremonies, court witnesses, etc..

Note: Due to all of the above procedures should draw the attention of those interested in obtaining a work permit Canada, to be careful with the promise of some agency outside of Canada who offers them a job in Canada. The credibility of the agency and the possibility of obtaining a “work permit Canada” through the same should be checked at the Canadian embassy or Consulate.