Job Summary:

To repair all tiled surfaces;

Tile Setter is expected to work not only inside the building envelope (halls, corridors, stairwells, common areas – basements, laundry rooms, etc.) but inside the rental suites as well.

It is expected that a Tile Setter will supply their own tools (trowel, wire snips, measuring tape, hammer, drill, tile cutter etc,) and use the buildings material to perform their daily tasks.

A Tile Setter will receive their daily work by work orders and is expected to prepare their material in advance.

The Tile Setter is responsible to prepare Purchase Orders, keep all supplies required in stock, organize the Trade room by tile, building materials, fixtures and ensure the trade room is cleaned at all times.

All completed work is to be given to the management office by way of work order. Each work order will state what repairs were made and what material was used. Additional repairs not listed (on work order) but required are to be added to the work order by the Plasterer.

Daily task:

  • Pick Up Daily Work Orders and Discuss.
  • Take Work Orders to Trade Shop.
  • Organize Work Orders in Priority and Date Sequence.
  • Ensure 24 HR Notice is prepared and Management/Super advised of notices and which suites.
  • Prep Trolly and material for Morning and Afternoon Jobs.
  • Complete Work Orders as specified.
  • When working in a suite – assess apartment before you start for further damage or repairs required to tiles, ceiling and or plaster.
  • Clean up the work site.
  • Report any walls that are still wet to the Operations Manager and Document on Work Order – schedule a date to return to complete repair.
  • Close Work Orders and return to Management Office.
  • Clean up trade shop and materials.

Job Type:

  • Position: Full Time
  • Salary: 20-35$ per hour
  • Start: Immediate start
  • Required language: English